Returning Registration has started as the biggest badge sale failure in years

15 OCTOBER 2022

10:28 am

Yikes. IMO, this system is a major fail.

I'll analyze it in depth later but 2 people in my group who got picked while PN was still available got "Page not found" and then sent back to "more than an hour" wait time. Were those sessions not linked to a Member ID? I don't know. They said we could use the link in the email so that shouldn't be a reason. I'm interested to hear if this happened to many others.

The fact that we could all open as many waiting room sessions as we want is unacceptable. People who realized that gamed the system; people who didn't got screwed (unless they got very lucky with their one session.)

The UX on this is godawful. I am ready to write a grant for the Melinda Gates Foundation and beg for a new UX/IT team for CCI. How did they make an already clumsy system worse? The way you selected days one by one with Preview Night on a separate screen was very confusing and I guarantee it cost people valuable time.

Sorry to be negative but today pointed out many errors that need to be fixed before Open Reg.

9:35 am

The waiting room seems to be working well. Fingers crossed everything is smooth from here on out.

9:28 am

We'll go into the waiting room at 9:30 and the sale will begin at 10: am. Allegedly.

9:20 am

Allegedly we'll know by 9:30 if this is being rescheduled or not. I don't think it should go forward today. Trust is at rock bottom levels, people are irritated, and the sale is already projected to run long. I'd prefer they reschedule for November and build some intense resilience before then.

Also, some people have undoubtedly wandered off, thinking it's not happening. It wouldn't be fair for them to miss out.

8:11 am

If you're deeply frustrated, getting "Service unavailable" and then "Connection has timed out" and the perennial favorite, the blank screen - you're not alone. I can't find anyone who's accessed what must be a lonely waiting room right now.

Are we looking at rescheduling? Unless an IT wizard pulls a rabbit out of the hat, probably. We'll see if they turn it around in the next 15 minutes.


  1. ageed....its been years since we all have seen it this bad.....the old system worked fine....bring back the flashing blue circle for goodness sake

    1. Yes, I understand they wanted to "streamline" the sale but they just made it worse.

  2. anyone got less waiting time than 1 hour now you are in the system?

    1. In my group, 1 out of 5 started with 20 minutes or less. Most had more than an hour.

  3. My husband got the red screen when his window got to the front of the queue. But he had not logged in, so he clicked on the 'login' button on the blue menu bar and after entering his Member ID and password went straight to the buying screen.

  4. Mine was an hour; it moved slow so I missed out on Preview and Saturday. I was fortunate to get at least Thursday. But you're right. This was a huge massive problem. I think of all those who weren't even able to get one day just because of the problem. I hope open reg doesn't turn out to be an issue too. I can understand trying something new. But sometimes the old way is the best way. Bring back the spinning blue circle.