CCI offers badge sale advice

 11 OCTOBER 2022

CCI offered up some badge sale advice today - and unlike yesteryear badge sales, when you pretty much knew what they would say, some of it is worth studying.

The main two points I'd emphasize:

Check your password. Definitely do this. It's not just a precaution - my password didn't work last year and I had to get it reset.

Put in your credit card information now. I also rank this as a "definitely," even if you're worried about cybercriminals. It's worth having one less thing to worry about and slow you down during the badge sale.  Yes, you have 15 minutes to complete it but you can easily lose some of those minutes if someone's Member ID is wrong on your spreadsheet or if you have a question about which days someone wants.

Everything else - testing browsers, not refreshing - is as you'd expect.

Almost here!

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