Pre-planning before SDCC programming is released

 4 JULY 2022

Happy Independence Day! Since you've already attended at least one SDCC if you have a badge for this one, you've probably done the math and calculated that we are mere days away from the programming announcements. That's always an exciting time - but considering that we have been waiting literal years for this Con, this week is going to be really satisfying. 

(In case you've forgotten, or 2019 was your first time - CCI traditionally publishes the programming 2 weeks before the Con, day by day. We'll also get an Exhibitor Hall map and other information in the coming days.) 

If you feel our long hiatus has rotted your SDCC skills, now is the time to plan your planning process - over-organized as that might sound. A few things you could do include:

  • Brush up on this year's line policies and locations. Yep, they look a lot like 2019's wristband practices, but read up anyhow so you can maximize your chances of getting a great seat at the Sandman panel.

  • Leave space to go to the Museum. It's worth the trip. Unfortunately, the Charles Addams and Gene Roddenberry exhibits are no longer there (they were incredible) but we still have the PacMan arcade, the Archie exhibit, and of course the new Spider-Man exhibit and some other stuff. If you don't have a Preview Night badge, consider going to CCI's Night at the Comic-Con Museum event to watch Spider-Man get inducted into CCI's Hall of Fame.

  • Give panels a chance. There's a sizeable number of attendees who roll their eyes at attending a panel. They're there for parties, celebrities, and exclusives. If that's you, take a look at the programming anyhow. You probably will find something intriguing and it'll make for a nice break from Con chaos.

  • Plan as a team. Doing the Hall H line in shifts, picking up an exclusive for someone while they pick up tickets, or enlisting extra help in a lottery will make your SDCC so much easier.

  • Read the whole guide/site. I know it's a lot, but it's the only way to learn of all the obscure but satisfying panels that won't show up in your Twitter or IG feed. From comic book creators to AI and robotics to retired fandoms and niche collectors, SDCC manages to serve up programming for the farthest flung corners of the nerd multiverse. So do your research and don't just wait to hear about the big name panels.

17 more days. After 3 years, it doesn't quite seem real, does it?

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