SDCC 2021 might be on Thanksgiving Weekend - which feels so weird

 27 MARCH 2021

Were you looking forward to an old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner with your family this year? Making up for all the aborted 2020 holidays you didn't have?

Well, cancel all that, because SDCC might be on Thanksgiving weekend. It will run 3 days, Black Friday - Sunday, which means you might have to make some uncomfortable travel decisions. Fly in Thanksgiving night? Fly in Wednesday and spend Thanksgiving in a hotel room? Maybe this one is just for locals. And in fact, you and I might not get to go at all, as David Glanzer said, "I assume it will be limited attendance" and that CCI is taking their lead from health officials.

A few facts:

  • The November event isn't for certain yet.
  • If it happens, it will be in addition to the virtual SDCC held this summer. I would prefer to call these Part 1 and Part 2, but maybe CCI will cook up a jaunty name for the November event.
  • Your 2020 badge rolls over to 2022, but probably not this one - which means we might have a tighter, extra-bloody badge sale. 

Here's what we don't know - if this is worth going to. Of course, I assume most of us are starved for just a glimpse of this:

So yes, this will probably feel like a warm bath of nostalgia after the monotony and loneliness of the last year. I know I'll enjoy it no matter what. But I also know some attendees hang their SDCC hat on one specific experience, whether it's Hall H or Exhibit Hall artists or exclusives or events. I'm guessing many exhibitors will welcome the chance to sell (surely this will be the ultimate Black Friday/Small Business Saturday spending joyride) but I'm not so sure Hollywood will be able to pony up much for us. Then again, probably most of us would be thrilled with just a few good trailers and cast panels.

I guess we'll just have to see.

If you're wondering why CCI canned in-person SDCC for July so quickly, it's because of the intricate and colossal planning involved. As David Glanzer said, "Safety really is paramount" and they had to make the decision well in advance, saying, "It's a massive 150,000 person shift and if you want to put the brakes on, it takes a while to come to a complete stop." We understand that.

Stay tuned.


  1. Thank you for the "Head's Up!".

    1. Absolutely! We could all use some good news, right?

  2. I wonder what the permitted number of occupants will be (percentage-wise) for each hall/room by November. Perhaps the number of tickets available could be based on whether we're in the orange or yellow tier at the time of the sale. I would've been interested in attending but I work in retail so the chances of getting Black Friday off is like telling me to pick up Thor's hammer.

    1. That's a good theory. Are you close enough to just go Saturday and Sunday?