Top panel picks of Comic-Con at Home

23 JULY 2020

So Comic-Con at Home is officially underway. So far it feels a bit underwhelming. Ordering a variant cover issue or Funko Pop online isn't quite the same as physically holding and admiring it in your hotel room; the Art Show on Tumblr has been kind of meh; I can't speak to gaming and other activities but I haven't heard anyone mention them, either.

Let me be clear, I really appreciate CCI pulling this together and I think they've done an outstanding job on short notice. But this experience has proven (for me, at least, and many others) how vital the visceral experience of SDCC is - even the lines, the frustration of a clogged Exhibit Hall aisle, the annoyance of getting stuck in a back row at your most anticipated panel. Being there really has no substitute.

However, I do think the panels are going to be a bright spot. I know a lot of attendees are all about offsites and partying, so maybe they won't be interested, but those attendees who live to see their favorite actors and creators in person can still get a (remote) taste of that over the next 4 days.

You can see all your options here but my top picks would be:


Thursday - 10 am
Star Trek Virtual Panel
Various cast members kick off a Comic-Con that is sort of boldly going where SDCC hasn't gone before.

Thursday - 11 am
Marvel's Storyboards
In addition to Joe Quesada, you're promised a mix of storytellers from film, media, comics.

Thursday - Noon
Cartoon Networks
Clips from a variety of shows will roll out, along with "special announcements."

Thursday - 1 pm
Marvel's 616
Different documentaries explore "the intersections of storytelling, pop culture and fandom within the Marvel Universe." Definitely worth watching.

Thursday - 2 pm
Upload on Amazon
Fun new show that isn't super geeky or futuristic, but worth watching.

Thursday - 2 pm
Virtual Tour of the Comic-Con Museum
I know you're curious...

Thursday - 4 pm
80th Anniversary of Bugs Bunny
Is Bugs Bunny really that old? A look back at his evolution.


Friday - 11 am
HBO Max and Cartoon Network: Adventure Time
I feel like Adventure Time is the perfect antidote to this grim year so I will definitely be catching this.

Friday - Noon - 3pm
Fear the Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
The World Beyond
The Walking Dead panels are the quintessential Comic-Con experience. 

Friday - Noon
Undiscovered Country 
Are you reading this yet? 

Friday - 1 pm
Ray Harryhausen Archive
Even if you've seen his old footage before, this is still a fun panel.

Friday - 5 pm
How often have you wanted to be in the Indigo Ballroom late on Friday afternoon to see Archer's voice cast - but were always pulled elsewhere?

Friday - 5 pm
Yes, that Mueller Report is now a graphic novel. "Pithy," according to the description - and probably a thousand times more interesting than the upcoming election debates.


Saturday - 10 am
Start Saturday off right with your favorite intergalactic commentary.

Saturday - 11 am
NASA usually brings good SDCC content and their panels typically have lines out the door. If you haven't caught one yet, now's your chance.

Saturday - 3 pm
Despite not seeing a Bill and Ted movie until 3 years ago, its iconography is burned into my brain and I'm guessing yours too - which makes this a nice nostalgia bath. 

Saturday - 4 pm
Will focus heavily on his brand new memoir, which looks compelling.

Saturday - 4 pm
HBO new series about a "thrilling journey" across 1950s Jim Crow America as the characters face "racist terrors and monsters ripped from an HP Lovecraft novel." Yes, please.

Saturday - 5 pm
Wynonna Earp
She's back on SYFY and bringing you sneak previews and bingo games in this panel.

Saturday - 5 pm
What We Do in the Shadows
Your favorite vampire show is back.

Saturday - 6 pm
Kevin Smith
More SDCC nostaglia. Pretend you're in Hall H and get a look at his new film.


Sunday - 11 pm
We're all starved for new shows and this one (starting on FOX this fall) is about a rogue AI and how technology is our new overload. Not exactly fresh territory, but the panel will tell us if it's worth a shot.

Sunday - 2 pm
Nathan Fillion
And good guest speakers to match.

Sunday - 3 pm
Ripley's Believe It or Not
"The most bizarre, iconic and truly terrifying artifacts in history." A fun hour of schlock with which to end SDCC.

Sunday - 4 pm
Ray Bradbury in Hollywood
This old-timey look at greats like Bradbury, Leonard Nimoy and Ray Harryhausen promises to teach even "avid fans" something new.

What are you watching?

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