CA likely to cancel all big events through summer

14 APRIL 2020

Quick update: Governor Newsom has unveiled his possible lockdown lift plan and it has implications for SDCC. The plan won't be a flip-the-switch move but will instead be a localized, measured approach "guided by science and data."

We knew that, right? But this is where it gets real: "Large public gatherings like Memorial Day or Independence Day parades and sporting events will likely remain forbidden through the summer."

Painful! But expected. We'll wait for CCI to get official about it, but there's no harm in making alternate summer plans now - and thinking about how refunds will work in terms of buying groups. If all buyers are refunded through the same payment methods, everyone who bought someone else's badge will owe them a refund. That will be fun to sort out.

If you nabbed an Early Bird room, I'm sure CCI will work out those arrangements as well. For now, let's wait and see what kind of announcement they make.

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