5 last minute Comic-Con reminders

15 JULY 2019

There's a lot of "how to prep for SDCC" details flying around right now - so here are the 5 things that can help you simplify your Con while getting what you want.

Make of a list of 3-5 Comic-Con priorities.
Showing up with a huge list of "must haves" is a fast track to failure. You'll spend time and energy on irrelevant trinkets. Narrow down what you want to 3-5 absolute can't-miss things - your top comics, exclusives, panels, people, signings, destinations, etc. Schedule your Con around them.

Set expectations with your family, coworkers and significant others.
Be ruthless. Tell them Comic-Con is sacred and there's no "downtime" for you to dial into a conference call or answer unending text messages. At the absolute minimum, schedule a daily check-in time and restrict them to it. If they really squawk, tell them connectivity is just so iffy and there's nothing you can do about it.

Build each day around a goal. 
Plans fall apart at Comic-Con - and we tend to underestimate how difficult it is to achieve multiple panels and events in one day. Have one primary goal each day and base all other decisions and schedules on your ability to achieve it.

Do a document check.
Check 7 times that you have your badge. Make sure you've printed any tickets, have contact information for everyone you're going to Conan, dinner or parties with, and understand exactly what you're picking up for your coworker or nephew. Have your hotel reservation info at the ready for when you check in.

Get your money in order. 
Transfer your funds around, bring a credit card with ample room and bring a healthy amount of cash. There's no such thing as being too flush at Comic-Con. And paying in cash can avoid those annoying credit card freezes where your bank wants you to verify that you really did just spend $817 in one hour in a new city on vendors with odd names.

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