A note on ConanCon, scalpers and TeamCocoHouse

14 JULY 2018

In what's been a rather dispiriting year for offsites, ConanCon has really come through for attendees. I know many of you are still disappointed you didn't get tickets to the tapings. However, TEAMCOCOHOUSE should take some of that sting away. I thought everyone had heard about this but apparently not. So take a look at the schedule.

Podcasts, comedy shows, free pizza - a variety of mini-events are running at their pop-up comedy club from afternoon till late at night. Even if you couldn't get a ticket to an event you wanted, you'll have an easier time trading or finding someone with a spare.

Now. On that note, some people are trying to sell their Conan show tickets for hundreds of dollars. I find this repugnant. One of the most enjoyable things about San Diego Comic-Con is how generous and community-minded the attendees are. People will most definitely do a little horse trading, but selling a free ticket for more than an entire SDCC badge? That's beyond crass.

I know you may be desperate to go to Conan, but please don't buy tickets off these people. That's just going to encourage more of this behavior. Also, be wary of people who promise you can get a sky-high, specific price for the Funko Pop. Sure, you can sell it for a decent amount but it fluctuates. I've always hung onto mine; if you want to flip yours, I'd wait a bit.

And first-timers - two of you have emailed me about Conan, asking what else there is to do since you didn't get tickets. So let me say here that there is so much to do at Comic-Con. You will be fine without Conan tickets and in fact, will not even think about it when you're there. The online mania you currently see is an SDCC trait. We're collectors, we're fans, we're zealous by nature, and we can overreact when we miss out on something, acting as if one event or action figure or panel is life or death. Then a few days later we've moved on to obsessing about something else. Ignore the histrionics and be assured you'll find something wondrous at the Con.


  1. I was disappointed in not getting Conan tix but that's ok. But I've heard people going nuts over Funko pop. Why? It's only a piece of plastic. I have a few from Rick & Morty but only because I'm a huge fan. But more weirdly, friends in LA have told me that those serious collectors will go to stores that sell rare Funko Pop and purposely crush and damage boxes so that no one will buy them because they're not perfect-but only if they buy a whole bunch for themselves. WTF?? I think it's done down here too. Sometimes I think Comicon brings out the sleazy types who want nothing but money.

    1. Funko Pop is huge. I'll admit I don't really get the mania, although I do want the Heatmeiser and Gizmo Pops.

      Collectors are in a world of their own.