How do your ECCC plans look?

15 FEBRUARY 2017

Topic for discussion: do you like it when a Con dribbles out pieces of information regarding guests and programming, or do you prefer a massive information drop all at once? I think I like a mix, sort of the way SDCC does it: announcing their special guests in waves each week, but announcing their ginormous panel line-up by day 2 weeks before the Con.

Emerald City subscribes more to the newsletter/piecemeal approach, which means that almost every day brings a new announcement. Such as...

  • If you want a "classic" ECCC shirt, they're back for only a limited time: as in, this week. So buy by the 17th if you want one. 

  • Tom Felton, who you know better as Draco Malfoy, will join the guests. How are we feeling about the guests so far? I spoke to one first-timer who (unfairly in my opinion) compared the talent lineup to NYCC. Here's the tradeoff: while the quantity of guests won't match SDCC or NYCC, the quality will and the access is often better. You are more likely to get a great seat at their panel, a photo with them or even run into them on the street (see below) than you are at a bigger Con. (Obviously this refers to the Hollywood guests, but the comic guests are also indisputably killer.)

  • Speaking of first-timers: ECCC thoughtfully put together a guide for you.

  • Have you been checking out all the panels posted? You can learn about AI, play Cards Against Humanity, or stretch your physical and storytelling muscles at the YogaQuest panel; you can pick up dating advice from Dr. Nerdlove on Sunday (shouldn't that be on Friday to help attendees get some action over the weekend?) or find out how to create, pitch and promote your brilliant self; you can also watch Barb from Stranger Things/Ethel From Riverdale kick ass with a controller on the Twitch stage, attend some live nerd comedy and soak up the ingenious presence of Todd McFarlane. You can also find about scary comics, smutty comics, science-fiction comics and anything else your geek heart pines for. Start putting your schedule together; just be warned, you'll have to make some hard choices.

  • And if you can't wait till then? There are a few ECCC events you can join now: tomorrow night's Gameworks event and the 25 Feb Cosplay Fun Run.

  • Now, about gaming. You may or may not be a gamer in the traditional sense - video, tabletop, RPG. But I'd advise checking out ECCC's gaming page anyhow because the options are appetizing. I'll post more about this later.

Oh, and if you still haven't gotten your tickets yet: only Thursday and Friday are left.

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