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ECCC Happy Holidays

Right now, you're probably enjoying the lack of Comic-Con angst in your life. We still have at least a month of reprieve from SDCC badge sale stress, and any financial maneuverings on your mind probably relate more to holiday spending and tax deductions than Con costs. And between Christmas parties, family visits and end-of-the-year work stress, Comic-Con can seem as distant as another planet.

But there are a few things to be aware of now if you're headed to Emerald City in March. The first: it's not that far away. Less than 3 months - 87 days, to be precise. So if you haven't yet dealt with hotel rooms, airfare, cosplay manufacturing and such, now's the time to do it.

Now is also the time to move in a few other areas, such as:

  • Buying single day tickets for Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Saturday's gone and not coming back, but 3 days is still a good deal. You can see the comic guests and entertainment guests so far if that sways you. Friday will sell out at some point - all of it will - so don't be lazy about this.
  • Apply to host a panel. The deadline is 8 December, so apply this week if you have special knowledge, fan passion or something else to share with the masses.
  •  Buy an ECCC holiday certificate to give your favorite nerd. Is there a better stocking stuffer/tree envelope than that?
  • Save your $$$. Depending on your Con plans for 2017, the first few months could put serious demands on your wallet between present Cons and badges and hotel room deposits for future Cons. Start saving now, and if any relatives are still asking your mom what to get you for the holidays, be very clear that you need Visa gift cards. They spend so nicely at exhibitor booths and restaurants.

2 March will be here before you know it - even if we're currently besieged with the same 8 Christmas songs on every radio station and mall sound system. Be ready.

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