Yes, you can feel safe at SDCC

17 JULY 2016

When it comes to safety, it's natural to be at least a little self-centered; we hear about mass tragedies & immediately, hypothetically, connect them to our personal worlds. "What if...?" It's hard to think otherwise with the state of the news these days.

So if you were at all antsy about SDCC being a target for violence, you can rest a little easier; "a real life team of public safety, city, county and federal agencies" will be protecting you at Comic-Con. There will be numerous officers on foot, in helicopters, in patrol cars, on bikes and undercover - and the trolley will have armed officers and bomb-sniffing dogs.

I know this isn't pleasant to think about, but it's the world we live in. Hopefully you can enjoy yourself a little more this week by knowing that security professionals are watching over Comic-Con.

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