Set your alarm for the Nerd HQ sales

14 JULY 2016

There's a lot to love about Nerd HQ, but let's not kid ourselves: the Conversations for a Cause are at the top of the list. And now that some of them have been announced with sale dates of tomorrow, Friday, 15 July, at 6 or 7 or 7:30 am PST, you've got your work cut out for you. You need to decide which ones you'd like to attend and then divide and conquer with your Comic-Con sale squad.

If you've never been to a Conversation before, here's the good news: it's smaller and therefore more personal than a typical SDCC panel with the same people. The conversations get more candid. On the flip side, because they are smaller, you're competing with a ton of people for a smaller number of seats.

Take a look at the schedule and then set your alarm. If you don't get the tickets you want, ask around and keep asking. People will decide to do other things that day, or will be willing to trade you for something else, etc. And be aware that it's likely other Conversations will be added. Keep watching and be ready to act.


  1. Got my 2 Felicia Day tickets by hitting refresh at 6:00:00. Tried the same for Joss Whedon and ended up refreshing at 7:00:10 and it said 'Sold Out'

    1. Congrats - I haven't heard about many winners so far. Maybe they'll add another Joss Whedon and you'll get lucky.

  2. My husband got us 2 tickets for Orphan Black!!! :D My screen was loading and then showed "sold out" while he was checking out, so I was panicking for a few seconds. (Don't think I'm going to the Orphan Black Panel - too close to the Conversation. I think he's thrilled that we won't be sitting in 6BCF for 4 hours this year. LOL)

    We also tried for Whedon tix and the screen flashed from "Not Available" to "Sold Out" immediately, then about 30 sec later, 1 ticket became available that disappeared when I tried to add it to my cart. The sales seemed even faster this year. But we got what we really wanted, so no complaints here....