It's Programming Eve. Be excited.

6 JULY 2016

Something adorable happened today; I prodded 2 first-timers to see if they were hyped for the announcement of SDCC Wednesday & Thursday programming tomorrow. (Tomorrow through Sunday, each corresponding Comic-Con day's panel schedule will be announced on the site.) And they surprised me by saying no, not really, they already knew most of the panels that were coming.

It turns out they thought that SDCC panels were just the big Hollywood ones that have been getting promoted these last few weeks. They knew of Hall H and Ballroom 20 and that became Comic-Con in their minds.

But - as the rest of you know - SDCC is so much more. While the hype focuses on big Hollywood panels, there are in fact hundreds of panels on obscure fandoms, comic books and creators, science, gaming, cosplay and much more. Pop culture history, creative workshops, explorations of geek culture, children's activities - it's a selection that blankets almost every corner of the nerd multiverse.

So here's my point. If for some reason you haven't realized how all encompassing Comic-Con programming is, and assumed it was TV/movie stuff that didn't interest you - you may be surprised at finding a few panels that cater to your most offbeat interests. Please take a good look at the list of panels published the rest of the week. Now is when you'll really be able to finalize your agenda and figure out your "good" days for doing offsites and seeing friends and those other days and nights when you'll be obsessed with penetrating your dream panel.

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