Win tickets to the Star Trek premiere

13 JUNE 2016

I'm in Kansas right now with limited Internet access and limited everything else too, so I'm somewhat cut off from SDCC news - but I did want to make sure you all knew this.

Obviously tickets to the official Star Trek red carpet premiere on Wednesday, 20 July, behind the Con are hard to get. So here's a contest that's somewhat dependent on skill.

How to enter: follow @Skydance, share the trailer and write a tweet about your Star Trek fandom, one that's so dazzlingly clever it eclipses every other tweet. Tag them. Pick out your red carpet outfit.

Also, you've probably heard by now that the hotel waitlist is quite picked over. So if you STILL haven't gotten a room, it's time to shut the door on your waitlist hopes and make other arrangements. Sorry for the bleak news but I think it's what most of us expected.

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