Be ready for changes in NYCC ticket sale

17 MAY 2016

Are you planning on going to New York Comic Con this fall? It's a great Con on its own, and especially so if you missed out on getting an SDCC badge. (Also recommended: DragonCon.) But much like San Diego, the NYCC ticket sale has gotten very competitive - and this year it's changing quite a bit.

You won't just jump into the fray and hope your place in line is good enough. This year you'll need to create a profile called Fan Verification. If you think this sounds a lot like CCI's Member ID system, you're not wrong. Here are the rules.

  • You'll need to complete your profile between this Friday, 20 May at noon EST/9 am PST and Monday, 13 June at 11:59 pm EST. This is mandatory for anyone 13 and up who wants to attend NYCC - even if someone else is buying their badge for them. But creating a profile doesn't mean you'll automatically get a badge.

  • You will, however, be notified by email 48 hours before the ticket sale. Which will be first come, first serve like usual.

  • That online sale is your only opportunity to get a NYCC ticket - no more special retailer or event sales. I know that's going to aggravate some of you.

  • Also gone: VIP tickets.

So there you have it. None of this sounds particularly onerous, and it could lead to a smoother ticket sale. No doubt some prospective attendees will miss the boat entirely - there are always a few who remain oblivious to changes - and be furious when they realize they're not going to NYCC (without resorting to StubHub, that is.) But overall it's worth remembering that while last year's NYCC sale was choppy, most people did come away with decent badges. So don't view this new Fan Verification step as an ominous sign; if you stay alert and follow the process, you'll probably count yourself among NYCC attendees this year.

ETA: If this changes anything for you, NYCC 2016 is being billed as Stan Lee's "final NYCC appearance." 

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