Where we are with hotel emails - updated

7 APRIL 2016

Almost everyone I'm in touch with has NOT gotten their hotel email. That includes people who went through immediately and those who went through late. So while this is undoubtedly frustrating for you, please know it's not a signal something is wrong - not wrong with your hotel fate, anyhow. On Peak probably could have organized this a little better.

And they definitely could have improved their customer service. So far tweets and phone calls have delivered these contradictory messages: the process was double-randomized, with submissions processed in any old order; they were processed in order at the moment of submission; they were processed by the moment you were taken out of the waiting room and into the system.

I honestly have no idea which one to believe at this point but I do know an event of this magnitude should have been treated with more gravity. On Peak should have ironed out the process and circulated talking points to their customer-facing staff and drilled it into their skulls; there's just no cause for confusing people and stressing them out like this.

Tomorrow is another day, comrades.

Update: Literally seconds after I posted this, the rejection emails started. Almost everyone I know is getting rejected. And the email says "All received requests were processed in random order as outlined on www.comic-con.org and all placements have been made."

My stomach hurts. It seems like a catastrophic number of attendees got shut out completely. I'm hoping I'm wrong and some emails just haven't gone out yet. In the meantime, if you're one of the few who have an extra room, let me know and I'll connect you with someone who needs it. But I think most everyone is in the "needs it" category.

One thing is clear: CCI has got to change the process and make it for badge-holders only. This is a disaster.

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