Vanity meets fandom: MAC's Star Trek makeup line will debut in Gaslamp at SDCC

31 MARCH 2016

If you're a high femme nerd like me, dropping your money on mascara and comic books in equal measure, you will love this news: MAC's Star Trek makeup line is going to be available at San Diego Comic-Con more than a month before anyone else gets it.

Well, technically it'll be at the Gaslamp MAC store in an exclusive one-day presale on Thursday, July 21. Exclusive, you understand, in a way that the hotel sale isn't: it's being offered to "SDCC-goers." Thank you, MAC. That tiny store is going to be packed enough as it is.

Here's the official quote from the creative director: "Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomenon whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries. For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek's powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection."

By "each" they mean these women: Uhura and Troi, Seven of Nine and Vina. So we can expect some intergalactic eyeliner that holds up even in the humid Exhibit Hall, right? I don't see any in the above picture but it's a 25-piece line so let's assume we'll all find something to fall in love with.

I think we all knew Star Trek would have an immense presence at this year's SDCC, but this is still a nice surprise.

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