Did you get left out in the cold again?

19 FEBRUARY 2016

Happy Registration Eve. Are you being a good nerd and getting your rest in preparation for tomorrow? I half-am; I'm on on a desert star-watch with a bunch of science nerds from a space/UFO convention (but turning in early) and as it happens, some of them got very excited to hear about Open Reg tomorrow.

Which brings me to a phenomenon you can count on happening: the stirring interest of clueless outsiders who hear about the badge sale and decide that, gosh darn it, they'd like to go to this Comic-Con thing too.

It's actually kind of adorable. They've seen it on the news, it looks fun, they never really investigated it any further, but now that they've heard about the badge sale, they decide to go for it. And then they learn - painfully - about Member IDs and how essentially it's too late for them this year.

If that's you, the key term there is this year. I know the summer of 2017 probably sounds far away, but now is the time to take the first step toward attending. Or rather, soon. You need to create a Member ID, which essentially is a profile that enrolls you in the San Diego Comic-Con attendee ecosystem. Once you do, you'll be apprised of valuable processes like signing up for the volunteer interest list (which I recommend) and participating in Open Registration and booking hotels at discount rates. Do that and you won't get caught off guard again.

You can't create your Member ID today because the system is closed - but it'll open up again soon. So schedule a reminder for yourself in the next few weeks and do it. Nudge your significant other, BFF, brother or whoever else might want to go to do the same. (And don't just tell them once and let it drop or you'll discover - too late - they never actually did it. That happens all the time. Pester them or create one for them.)

Now, if you're super new to the world of Cons, you might think SDCC is pretty much it. It's not. Yes, you missed out this year but that shouldn't stop you from investigating other massive upcoming Cons like New York Comic Con, Salt Lake Comic Con, DragonCon, etc. Almost everyone I talked to tonight thought San Diego was the only Comic-Con there was.  Not at all! I can't summarize them all here but some quick searches should help you find a Con that reflects your interests, whether that's comic books, a certain fandom, gaming, celebrities, the paranormal, science fiction or something else.

I know it's frustrating to keep hearing about SDCC badge sales only when it's too late to go, but the fact is that you have to be organized and motivated to make your attendance happen. Laissez-faire Comic-Con just is not a thing, not for the good Cons anyway. It's gotten way crazier than most outsiders can imagine. Commit to making it happen for next year and 2017 Open Reg will be here before you know it.

Everyone else - good luck and think positive thoughts for tomorrow.

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