ReedPOP launches Star Trek: Mission New York

25 JANUARY 2016

All of you hardcore Star Trek fans know that this is a special year: the 50th anniversary. While you can rightfully expect this to be acknowledged in programming and events at various Cons this year, ReedPOP has taken it a step farther and created an entire event called Star Trek: Mission New York. It will taken place Labor Day weekend at - where else - the Javits Center in NY.

What can you expect? Three days of "interactive exhibits, exclusive merchandise, celebrity guests, panels, screenings and much more." So you know - a Con. A Star Trek Con. One that gives fans "the chance to go beyond panels and autograph signings and immerse themselves in the Star Trek universe." Will this change anyone's feelings about going to San Diego Comic-Con, DragonCon or NYCC? Probably a few Trekkies.

Tickets and hotel reservations will go live soon so add this to your daily Con information stalking.

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