2nd wave of SDCC special guests announced

18 JANUARY 2015

Happy MLK Day! CCI has released the 2nd group of special guests for San Diego Comic-Con this summer; let's see who they are.

Jason Aaron: Writer - Star Wars, Thor
Patrick Roth: Author - The Name of the wind
Paul Gulacy: Artist - Catwoman, Master of Kung Fu
Kate Beaton: Writer/Artist  - Step Aside, Pops, The Origin of Man

What do we think of CCI's jaunty new website design?


  1. I like it! Fresh graphics, seems easy to us, and they went deeper to upgrade the text sections (like purchasing badges to SDCCI.) Several of the links (on the home page) don't work at this time, but I am sure they will work the bugs out. Otherwise, once again, SDCCI leads the way in creating the best comic convention website (sorry Reed Pop and Wizard World.)


    1. I think the "Forms" section is especially helpful. It's hard to stay on top of all the different applications and options unless you track it diligently - they just made it much easier.