WonderCon registration is open

14 DECEMBER 2015

So who else is headed to WonderCon? Both regular and volunteer registration are now open.

If you're a typical SDCC attendee, your enthusiasm for WonderCon may fluctuate depending on its location. After bouncing around California a bit, it will be making its debut at the LA Convention Center in March 2016. So depending on your feelings about LA (and whether or not you're hitting up Silicon Valley Comic Con a week earlier and ECCC 2 weeks later) this Con may or may not be up your alley.

Here's why I think you should go, if you're still on the fence. While WonderCon has always been in SDCC's shadow, it can offer similar Exhibit Hall treasures and plenty of high-caliber celebrity guests. Those of you who gripe about SDCC getting away from its comic book roots will find plenty of comic book fandom and talent here. (The Hernandez Brothers, Francesco Francavilla and Terry Moore are just a few of the guests already announced.)

And because it's run by CCI, it has the same organization and feel as SDCC, but without as much chaos. I know a lot of people who prefer WonderCon to SDCC. But I predict 2016 will draw in a lot of first-timers as well, partly because they anticipate a gruesome SDCC Open Registration and partly because it's in LA, which is like a sprawling fan playground. And then there's the fact that many people are curious about a possible future where the SD part of SDCC is replaced with LA. (Emphasis on "possible" - don't get nervous and nostalgic yet.)

3-day badges are a whopping $65, so consider taking a long weekend 25-27 March and kicking off Comic Con season in LA. You might be surprised at how much like you like it.

ETA: Worth noting that while this badge sale is downright relaxing compared to SDCC, I had some trouble buying a badge. I kept getting a "your cart is empty" message. That could just be my semi-cursed Member ID but if it happens to you, try going in through a different session. I did that and it somehow combined my credit card info from 1 session with the badge cart from the other and went through.

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