Where, oh where, is our Pre-reg email?


So many questions.

  • Did the whole "you may need to have a valid physical address to complete your purchase" thing involve an update to the system? Please god let there not be some new disaster-glitch that'll torpedo the whole thing.
  • People are reporting that the Member ID page was inaccessible earlier today. What does that mean?
  • CCI says "We will post helpful preregistration tips and information in the weeks preceding preregistration." Rather than take this literally, I'm guessing they meant "days," as in one or two. Right?
  • Would they really give us just one day's notice? Is it a strategy to cull the herd? Or have they decided to give us more notice than usual and will soon announce Pre-reg is on the 14th?
  • Does CCI enjoy tormenting us?

I think it's still possible (but unlikely) that Pre-reg will be Saturday morning. While they usually say we'll be given at least 48 hours notice, the Pre-reg page and our August emails didn't say anything of the kind. We could get an email tonight or tomorrow morning.

But mostly likely it will be the 14th, which is disappointing. I think most of us have been working ourselves into the right frame of mind for this Saturday; waiting another week feels anticlimactic. And on a personal note, my parents will be visiting, which is going to completely disturb my badge sale mojo.

The 21st would probably be even worse for a lot of people, as it's the Saturday before Thanksgiving and people will be traveling that weekend. Ditto the following weekend. So really that leaves the 14th and... December. CCI doesn't want to ruin Star Wars month, right?

If for some reason they did run into technical difficulties with the address update or some other change, then Pre-reg could be delayed indeed. We'll just have to wait. In the meantime, keep your eyes on your inbox.


  1. It won't be in December. CCI previously announced that it would be between Halloween and American Thanksgiving (something along the lines of 'between carving your pumpkin and carving your turkey'). So it's either this Saturday, the 14th or the 21st. No other options, really.

    1. At this point, I'm thinking the 14th. The 21st is too close to Thanksgiving.

  2. You are correct--it is this Saturday!