Yes, you need to get your tickets & hotel room now


Emerald City 4 day tickets are gone. VIP packages are still available as of 1:17 pm PST and so are single day and 3 day tickets. Note that ECCC announced Nathan Fillion as a special guest (for both Saturday and Sunday), which might persuade more people to snap up a VIP pass.

Most hotels have availability, but Wednesday night sold out fast at Sheraton, Hilton & Hyatt and Thursday night is already gone at some as well.  Please don't wait any longer; get your tickets and hotel room today.

Again for historical context:

ECCC 2014: full passes sold out in 5 months.
ECCC 2015: full passes sold out in 7 weeks.
ECCC 2016: full passes sold out in 50 minutes.

That's Comic Con life right there.

However, it's important to note that anyone can still get in and get a ticket right now. There's no queue; this isn't like SDCC where thousands of people are turned away. Even if you wanted a 4 day ticket, you can still buy single day badges or VIP and get the full experience.

ETA: Celebrity Fast Pass packages have sold out. I'm guessing Special Access will go next. Don't wait any longer.

ETA: Now Special Access is sold out too. 3 day and single day are still available.


  1. Just bought a 3 day and single day badge. Not a big price difference.

  2. LOL, I was just coming to post the same. Buying a 3 day badge and a Thursday badge is only $10 more than buying a 4 day badge. But fast sellout of the 4 day badges leads me to wonder if they weren't that many available.

    The really telling factor will be how long it takes for 3 day badges to sell out.

    One interesting thing to note: at the bottom of the ticket buying page it says: Emerald City Comicon Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-upgradeable and non-resellable. This is a big change from prior years, where ECCC accepted ticket returns for refunds for a few months (last year it was until just before Christmas, IIRC) and has always supported the idea of selling your badge if you missed the deadline. And I've never seen anyone worried about the scalpers who hang out in front of the convention center. Clearly this is a ReedPop thing. I'm wondering if they will be discouraging resales this year, and how strongly they will do so?

    1. Yeah, I noticed that and someone called them out on Twitter. However... I don't know how much they can enforce it since 1 person can buy multiple badges and theoretically give/sell them to anyone. I bought 2 badges today for people who probably won't be able to go and so I'll obviously distribute them to other friends or even strangers if their plans fall through. Or I'll just hold a contest.

      Maybe they're trying preemptively to crack down on scalpers selling ECCC tickets at huge prices, if that becomes a thing. But I'd hate for them to get super strict about informal, normal resales. Committing to something 8 months out isn't always possible for some people.

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