Pre-reg will be in November

5 AUGUST 2015

If a month ago today you had pre-Comic-Con butterflies in your stomach, you should have gotten an email just a short while ago telling you to validate yourself for Pre-registration. This is for 2015 attendees only; not pros, not vendors, not guests, not people who stood outside and looked longingly at the convention center. Just those of us with a 2015 attendee badge.

I'll get to the process in a minute. Here's what matters: the deadline. Which is 15 September 2015.

Last year's window between validation and Pre-reg, if you're curious, was this: the validation deadline was 15 October and Pre-reg was 8 November. But that doesn't mean we'll have an October Pre-registration; it will be after Halloween per CCI. So, same timeframe as last year. A day of victory, loss and heart-racing anxiety in an otherwise blah month.

Onto the validation process. You'll log into your Member ID account, select "Registration Info" and then click the button telling you to validate your badge. You'll enter the number at the bottom of your badge. Then the system will give you a "successful validation" message and you'll close out of the system with a false sense of optimism and accomplishment.

Pre-reg is coming! Though not for a while.

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