Your Comic Con fall forecast

18 JULY 2015

Are you:

1) lamenting your inability to go to San Diego Comic-Con last week?
2) still reverberating with euphoric adrenaline because you did go, and now you're desperate to renew your high?

Then this is for you. Just a quick reminder that there is Con glory beyond the San Diego Convention Center and that you still have several appetizing options before you:

Boston Comic Con. Okay, this is right around the corner and not really in the fall. But as a former Bostonian, I can tell you that it is a beautifully brainy, nerdy city that will appeal to any book lover/cineaste/gamer. And Boston Comic Con seems to be pleasing the local geek populace. Full tickets available except for VIP and Stan Lee VIP. 31 July - 2 August.

DragonCon. Full memberships still on sale. This is the best farewell to summer party you could have. 4-7 September.

Alamo City Comic Con. This Texas Con launched 2 years ago with 35,000 attendees; last year it shot up to 73,000, fast-tracking it to major Con status. All ticket types are available, including VIP packages. 11-13 September.

Salt Lake Comic Con. Full tickets are still available, including VIP and Gold packages and multi-passes and other deals. I won't pretend this is an SDCC replacement Con (which the lawsuit seems to have suggested to some misguided minds) but it is a big, busy Con with a lot of impressive guests lined up already.  24-26 September.

New York Comic Con. This is not sold out. Thursday tickets are available and so are Super Week passes. And please remember that unlike SDCC, there are no ticket refunds and so quite a few people will be selling theirs. Yes, some resale prices have been ridiculous but expect that to fluctuate a bit as we get closer and more people start having conflicts. 8-11 October.

If you're international - or simply well-funded - there are Cons in London, Sydney and Paris too. My point is that you shouldn't be moping around and waiting for next summer. Don't give in to learned despair just because you missed out on San Diego. There are many great ways to spend your Comic-Con dollars and if you choose to explore one, I don't think you'll be sorry.


  1. We're headed out to genCon next week. If you're into any kind of gaming (tabletop, RPG, LARP, video/computer/console) then this is the place for you! There are still tickets available.

    We've also been known to attend the big Creation Star Trek con in Las Vegas in August. I'm pretty sure there are still tickets available for that as well.

    Anything to keep that con feeling going!

    1. Those are both good suggestions. I wouldn't mind going to the Star Trek Con.

    2. Valerie, are you going to cover NYCC?that's what I'm hoping...

    3. Somewhat. Did you have a specific question? I'll try to help.