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3 JULY 2015

Today was an emotional day, between the Nerd HQ sale and the Image Expo and SDCC contract announcement. Let's dive in.

Nerd HQ: yes, most tickets went quick. I was surprised at the surprise. It's a 200 seat room. That said, I hope you all got what you wanted.

The first photos from Batman v Superman came out.

We saw these new t-shirts, including the first official Fear the Walking Dead shirts.

We found out SDCC will be in San Diego through 2018. And that the hotel room rate issue "was eventually figured out." I'm guessing that means CCI successfully persuaded hotels to commit to the discount rates.

You can win tickets to Crave's USS Midway party.

And you can win 1 of 20 custom Xbox One consoles - even if you're not going to SDCC.

Image blew our comic-book-loving minds with announcements like:

  • Brian Vaughan is going to write an issue of The Walking Dead
  • Blue Monday is coming back - and so is Invincible
  • Scooter Girl will be back in print - though it doesn't look like there's any new material
  • Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott are doing a title called Black Magic, which they've labeled "witch-noir"
  • Axcend is about a kid pulled into a video game and spit back out with something following him out of the game
  • Sunset Park is about a monster who comes into Brooklyn to change its neighborhoods
  • Gail Simone and Cat Staggs are doing Crosswind, about a suburban Seattle housewife living with a hitman
  • Mark Millar is doing a title called Huck about a superhero with a learning disability
  • And a dozen others

It's a holiday weekend starting tomorrow. If you're starting to get dizzy from all the nonstop announcements, maybe take the weekend off and unplug from SDCC for a few days. Because next week is going to be insane.

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