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2 JULY 2015

What a busy day. No doubt most of you are preparing right at this moment for the Nerd HQ sales. So what else do we have?

First, the good news: IGN will stream the Nerd HQ Conversations for a Cause. So even if you're at home, you can still feel part of the Con.

Fans can pick up a free Call of Duty Black Ops III comic at the Dark Horse booth. #2615.

They can also go to the Museum of Impractical History at the Michael J. Wolf gallery at 363 5th Ave.

And they can pick up Alien and Superman vinyl from Mondo.

Alex Ross showed off some new Batman-Harley-Joker art.

Marvel in turn showed off this Peggy Carter poster.

Loot Craft is offering special SDCC packages that are purely exclusive. You can find them at the GameRadar booth #241.

Crave is throwing another party on the USS Midway. This year their scouts will also find the best cosplayers in the Gaslamp District and pull them into a fashion show on the ship and crown a winner. If you want to go, they'll announce on social where you can find passes at the Con; allegedly over 2,000 people can attend but I went to Crave's MGMT party on the USS Midway last year and the number they let in was much smaller.

This Wonder Woman Barbie was a huge hit online today - but she will not be available at Comic-Con. You can look at a sample of her, but she won't be on sale for months.

If you don't think you have a snowball's chance of hell in seeing The Walking Dead cast at the con, you could opt for this Walker Stalker cruise instead.

At the Xbox lounge, Ubisoft will offer hands-on play with the Dark Zone multiplayer of Tom Clancy's The Division while the Nintendo Lounge will have multiple tournaments.

The Hollywood Reporter wants you to know about all the fancy invite-only parties at SDCC.

And of course CCI sent us an email marked "Important Information for Comic-Con 2016 Badge Sales" just to remind us that there is no real rest from this Sisyphean task we call Con life. Pre-reg is lurking just a few months down the road. (For which you need your badge - the real purpose of the email. But we already knew that.)

The next few days should be even busier.

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