Remember to save your badge

12 JULY 2015

As you sort through all your SDCC receipts and papers and crumpled fliers, you might be tempted to toss everything in the garbage as fast as possible. But wait! Remember that you need your badge for Pre-registration (congratulations, first-timers, on having 2 chances to go to SDCC 2016) so save it in a very well-protected place.

I'm not going to get into all the nonsense of photographing it or scanning it vs saving it physically. Just save it. And watch your email (and me) for announcements of Pre-reg.


  1. My daughter will be 13 in Sep. will I be able to use her child badge from this year for 2016 pre registration or will I need to wait until Sep to create her Con Member ID? Will pre registration go down before Sep 2015? Thanks

    1. Hi Matt, CCI hasn't announced their cut-off date for 2016 yet. Last year anyone who was 12 or under on 1 August still qualified as a child for 2015, even if they turned 13 by Pre-reg. We don't know if they'll use the same date or not for 2016. Once they provide more Pre-reg details, you'll know whether your daughter will still qualify as a child or as a junior.

      As for when Pre-reg is... I don't know. I wouldn't necessarily assume it will stay in November this year. Since they'll probably use the same system, it could be earlier - anywhere from August through the end of the year. Good luck.