Midway through the Con - where are we?

9 JULY 2015

As Friday afternoon dawns, most of you have now been inside Comic-Con. (Sorry, Sunday badge people. Your turn will come.) As always, the time invested in your picks makes it hard to see what else is going on - so let's review what has unfolded so far.

Of the pilots we've seen so far: The Limitless and Lucifer (go figure) are getting the best reviews. Of course, Colony has yet to be screened. Supergirl we already knew about; Blindspot I've heard less than favorable things about.

If anyone asks you what you got up to last night, say "horseback riding." Captain Kirk will fill you in.

Fear The Walking Dead and Walking Dead trailers are everywhere. Fear's trailer wasn't as inspiring as TWD's original trailer, but still intriguing. Apparently the apocalypse will build throughout the season, so we won't be plunged into chaos in episode 1. We also found out from Chris Hardwick that Fear will have a Fear The Talking Dead after-show "if it works out." I feel pretty sure it will, Chris. Also interesting: these zombies are "fresher" and look more like sickly people.

Future attendees, take note; we are seeing the same trailer Hall H'ers did on the same day. No, the trailer isn't everything about a panel but if it's your everything about Hall H, spare yourself the campout and just wait for YouTube. (That said, I'll admit that being in the moment is rather magical.)

People at the Doctor Who panel seemed enthused about a female Doctor.

Ben Affleck is getting his own individual Batman movie.

Here's a new kind of swag: weed. American Ultra is handing it out in the area if you have a legal cannabis card. I hope they don't offer it to the protesters! Although it might help them mellow out a little.

We got a look at the girl Ghostbusters in uniform.

The Legacy Effects panel showed how to make a dinosaur.

Sideshow Collectibles really brought it this year. Stop by their booth if you like this type of thing.

I haven't seen much mind-blowing cosplay so far but here's one collection. And another general review of cool Exhibit Hall stuff.

Possibly we're getting more Hunger Games movies due to a slip on actor Josh Hutcherson's part. Unless he was acting.

We saw a trailer for the Sherlock Christmas special. And we found out Her Universe is getting its own reality show.

We found out the some things are coming back to us: Legends of Korra, the Lady Killer comic book. Hannibal? We don't know yet.

ONI announced some intriguing new titles. And apparently Batman will team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a new miniseries.

One show I'm hearing a lot of positive buzz about: Hand of God. And not just because it was Amazon's debut at SDCC.  This might be one of the major Comic-Con buzz winners.

Tales of Halloween looks more like slasher-based than supernatural-based and promises lots of gore.

Great news for Archie readers: Vampironica is returning! Yes, this is the dangerous fusion of Veronica Lodge and Vampirella. I'm so ready.

The Game of Thrones panel was rated as rather boring, based on one text message I got' Star Wars panel is happening right this second so more on that later.

For now, we've got a lot of news to think about. And it's only Friday.


  1. Game of Thrones was not as great this year. Some bad questions asked. Star Wars was amazing. J.J Abrams passed out donuts for the Hall H line this morning. Plus great panel, free concert, light saber toy, and fireworks show.

    1. Today should definitely go down in SDCC history. Beyond just spectacular panels, the symphony and everything else - it really was a great day for attendees.

  2. If I have a one day pass for Sunday what would you suggest doing?

    1. Look at the panels and make your decisions now - and do the exhibit hall in between. You're going to find great sales.