Time for your Doctor Who & Orphan Black art again

1 JUNE 2015

Once again BBC America wants to show off your Doctor Who and Orphan Black fan art at SDCC. If you haven't given this a shot in previous years, here's how it works.

  • Your art must be about Orphan Black or the Capaldi Doctor/Season 8 of Doctor Who.
  • Save your work at its highest resolution, under 9MB, as a TIFF or JPEG file.
  • Send it to artsubmission@bbcamerica.com and include your Tumblr name.
  • Send 1 email for each piece - you're allowed 3.
  • The deadline is 12 June.
  • You'll retain all rights - the art will just be shown at Comic-Con.

Obviously this is a fun way to get your work shown at SDCC, but it's also a good way to meet other fans. You Clone Clubbers can get inspired here.

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