Go over the rainbow at The Great Royal Marshmallow After-Party

21 JUNE 2015

Have you noticed how many parties are on Friday and Saturday nights of the Con? Well, here's something to do on Thursday and it's pretty amazing: Pabst Blue Ribbon's Wizard of Oz themed after-party: The Great Royal Marshmallow. It's billed as the "biggest, baddest, must-go after party in all of San Diego" and it features:
  • Wicked Witch of the West Coast DJ Heavygrinder
  • Hell on Heels Burlesque Show
  • Naruwan Taiko army

This party's Facebook page definitely has the most vivid copy of any SDCC event yet, like a DMT experience turned into paragraphs. Behold:
This will be the most unforgettable adventure you take, as we bring you back into Oz and you see the return of the Wicked Witch of the West (Coast), our special guest - DJ HEAVYGRINDER; fight the Naruwan Taiko monkey army; battle the beauties of the Hell on Heels Burlesque Productions; and take a fear and loathi...ng ride with Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, & Dorothy through the most awesome collection of art in San Diego outside of the Convention Center!

At SOMEWHERE LOUD, you enter through Kansas into a black and white world where the buzz of a tattoo gun, and the crack of booze on ice leads the way to the cyclonic howl - your gateway to OZ. Once through the Emerald curtain, you enter a familiar land where you must follow the rule of law or face the GREAT ROYAL MARSHMALLOW and pay the price. DON'T EAT THE LOLLIPOPS!
Dare to continue to the world 'out back'? Well then you'll be immersed into the origins of OZ himself! OZ's world is filled with a more intimate look and interaction with the artists that have made this event possible, as well as an amazing display of all the items that will be raffled off for charity. And if you look to the sky you'll get a glimpse of a very special visitor!
That is some energetic writing.  
Onto what is one of the best parts of a Comic-Con party: a live art show. You'll see top artists in the comic and underground art worlds, including Sean Dietrich, Kai Martin, Joe Benitez, Ale Garza, and Jared Lazar create art live. There will also be live tattooing and a PBR-themed art show where artists compete for $30,000 in prize money, as well as a charity art raffle/auction that benefits A.R.T.S. (A Reason To Survive). A.R.T.S. is "dedicated to providing, supporting and advocating for creative arts programs that Heal, Inspire, and Empower youth facing adversity" which means you can feel noble and purposeful by attending this party. 

Now here's what you might consider the best part: "libations at incredible drink prices thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon, Templeton Rye Whiskey, and Crystal Head Vodka, who will make sure this party doesn’t run dry!" You get a free drink with your badge or costume, which is nice. There are also VIP tickets available - these include two complimentary drinks, free food, access to the VIP lounge and expanded bar, and a special gift bag.
Where: Somewhere Loud, 3489 Noell Street
When: 9 July, 8pm - 2 am
Tickets are on sale now for $22 - they're $30 at the door. 21+ only.

And don't forget - all of the Hall H hopefuls for Friday can't attend this party, because they'll be camping out like good little nerds. So if you've already come to terms with skipping it, this is your chance to enjoy a raucous evening and drink away the pain of missing the Star Wars and Walking Dead panels.

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