Lose your animation mind at SDCC with Cartoon Network & Adult Swim

24 JUNE 2015

In a year that's been somewhat light on over-the-top studio events, this is gratifying: Adult Swim and Cartoon Network are bringing a bonanza of panels and parties and activities to Comic-Con.

Let's start with Cartoon Network. They are all about promoting their new series We Bare Bears - which means you can come by their booth #3735 and "get a first look at Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear;" you can also take advantage of six different photo ops.
On Thursday, we have the Adventure Time Royal Ball at 8 pm in 7AB. This is a repeat of last year's party, with another new Adventure Time episode, and a world premiere screening of We Bare Bears.

On Friday, we have 2 panels: Regular Show and Uncle Grandpa at 10 am in the Indigo Ballroom, followed by Adventure Time and Steven Universe at 11 am in the same.                  

Then that night there's a Clarence & Friends Pajama Party at 8 pm in 7 AB, with a a new episode of We Bare Bears.

Onto Adult Swim, who always brings a smorgasbord of activities, from funhouses to pajama parties to free massages. Such as: the Feline Fun Hole Slide Mouth at their booth #3721. Land a fun sack in her mouth and "she may cough up something beautiful and exciting."

Now onto their outside events, which are always imaginative. Adult Swim on the Green will be behind the convention center each day from 9:30 am to 10 pm (closing at 5 on Sunday.) This is "a brand new experience for fans" and will involve:

A photo op in the form of Rick and Morty's crashed spaceship.

The Meatwad Full Dome Experience. "Intergalactic mind travel" inside a 40-foot planetarium dome, with a 360-degree journey through space and time. FishCenter and Toonami Pre-Flight will broadcast live from inside the Dome - tickets are required and will be given away daily at 9:30 am on site. FYI - this is also an app now.

The Carnival Midway. Play custom and classic carnival games for prizes and get a free t-shirt.

Free nightly screenings. Thursday night will be never-before-seen pilots and sneak peeks and a few specials; Friday is a preview of Rick and Morty season 2 and a live episode with the show creators; Saturday will have unaired episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. Bring a blanket! 8:30-10 pm.

Caveat: you must RSVP for these and be 18+. Badge-holders only.

Onto panels.

On Friday, Adult Swim colonizes the Indigo Ballroom with Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell at 12:15, followed by Rick and Morty at 1:15, then Mike Tyson Mysteries at 2:15 and Robot Chicken at 3:15.

On Sunday, we have Childrens Hospital at 1 pm in 25ABC.

First-timers, if you haven't guessed from this announcement and earlier Bob's Burgers and Archer panel announcements, Friday in the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront is all about animation. If you're a big animation fan, you may want to keep Friday open and make an entire day of it.


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