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16 MAY 2015


As you know, I'm compiling information on the SDCC 2015 page. However, we're at the point where there's too many news bites to find easily and it's all merging into one chaotic mess - so I'm going to post collective ongoing updates here, and clean that up to keep only the main stuff there.

Let's start with Marvel. One random comment in March from James Gunn has convinced all of Earth that Marvel will not be at San Diego in any shape or form. I don't necessarily think this is so. Maybe Marvel will appear in Hall H and maybe they won't, but I do think they'll have some kind of presence. At any rate, this speculation over the Thor: Ragnarok trailer is kind of silly to begin with since it releases in 2017. I think if Marvel does show up, they'll focus on Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and of course Ant-Man.

This article is mostly a look-back at the digital gizmos that dazzled attendees last year, but I'm including it so first-timers can get an idea of what to expect this summer. Word of warning - these tend to involve lines or limited tickets that are hard to get. But if you haven't lost your VR virginity yet, SDCC is a fine place to do it.

The Kings of Con founders are launching a new entertainment site called Heroic Hollywood. It won't just be a fan site; it will create its own branded content as well, meaning this could become a good source for SDCC news.

This Raiden figure from Gecco will retail at Comic-Con for 195.

... And David Lynch is back on Twin Peaks, which has also added episodes. Thank you, Showtime; now please bring us a beautifully strange panel at Comic-Con that includes Lynch, Sherilyn Fenn and Madchen Amick. Bonus footage of Lynch walking around the Exhibit Hall and commenting on everything he sees would be especially appreciated.

Scream Queens is getting major social attention. Let's expect this to be a top panel if Ryan Murphy brings it to San Diego.

I haven't given this much thought, but apparently people are clamoring for the title of the 3rd Planet of the Apes movie to be announced at SDCC. It's really just one word that's a mystery, right? _____ of Planet of the Apes. Collider says it's "War." 


Mezco is bringing Breaking Bad fans a 12" Walter White and a Walpurgis Living Dead Doll that goes up for presale on 18 May. Yes, you can also get one at their booth, #3445.

Naruto cosplayers will have an event Sunday afternoon of the Con.

Red Giant will debut GIANT-SIZE #1 at SDCC, a "free ad-supported giveaway" which you could also call a comic book.  YouTube star Markiplier and other creators will be on hand to sign copies, and a "bevy" of Red Giant merchandise will be available at booth #2635.

The Loyal Subjects are previewing their TMNT exclusives.

Remember how Adobe and Marvel got together to pick 4 students to make an Avengers comic? The 4 creators have been selected and they'll be at SDCC. If you're thinking "That could have been me" then you might want to follow this story - Adobe says they'll possibly want 2 more students to contribute.

A bunch of vintage arcade game cosplayers are holding 2 photo shoots on 10 July. You're invited if you're cool enough.

The Jem and the Holograms trailer has left mixed feelings in its wake. I'm sure people will flock to see it at Comic-Con no matter what, but I'm not sure this is going to be one of the more buzzed-about panels if it's there.

What will be: the Syfy adaptation of The Magicians, since the trailer already has everyone salivating.

And finally, we all know by now that the X-Files reboot is real and returning to us on 24 January 2016. This has to have some kind of SDCC panel or celebration, right? It has to.

As with everything on this list, more will be revealed.

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