Zombie Walk accident victim going after organizers

3 APRIL 2015

The woman struck in last summer's SDCC Zombie Walk car accident is pursuing legal action against several parties, including the organizers, we found out today. Cyndy Campbell has spoken out about what she called a "life-altering event" and made it clear that she will be suing the city of San Diego, the car driver, and the organizers of Zombie Walk. (Who are not affiliated with CCI or the Con.)

Originally it was reported that the woman was simply a passerby, disconnected from the walk. In fact, she headed down to photograph the event, but apparently was unprepared for the chaos: "It didn't seem too well handled as far as traffic control."

The driver, Michael Pocci, has been already been charged with reckless driving. His response is that he became frightened after the crowd began beating his vehicle and sitting on it, and drove away out of fears for his family's safety.

As for the organizers, they canceled their October event after the Comic-Con accident; since then their Facebook and Twitter have been quiet. While some blamed them for not obtaining a permit, which would have involved police presence, they said the event was not a parade and did not require a permit. They also pointed out that the Walk guidelines have clear admonitions against blocking traffic and touching cars, and claimed that the men who sat on the driver's car were not part of the event.

I know the Zombie Walk is a much-loved part of Comic-Con, but this is clearly going to have a chilling effect on future events. Even if new organizers rise to the fore, the city probably isn't happy about being named in the suit and I doubt CCI wants more negative associations attached to their attendees. If the Walk does return, it'd probably be best to keep it behind the convention center and have it proceed along the waterfront. Not as much fun, maybe, but not as risky or controversial either.

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