Today is the deadline for hotel deposit refunds

15 APRIL 2015

Happy Tax Day. Don't forget this is the last day you can get your full hotel room deposit back.

You paid for two nights already; if you cancel today, you can get it all back. For cancellations starting tomorrow, 16 April through 15 May, you can get one night of the two back.

From 16 May and onward - you're out of luck. But you can usually trim the unpaid nights off your stay if you need to without penalty; just check with your hotel.

I know for some of you, today is the day you come to terms with the reality that you will not be upgrading your hotel room. Given that it's also when Ace is notifying people of whether they'll have a parking spot or not, I can imagine this is a day of many feelings for SDCC attendees.


  1. Don't most hotels offer parking for guests? Why the urgency.

    1. Not everyone is in a hotel - a lot of attendees are locals. Then you have people who are out from of town, but staying with a friend, staying at a campsite or distant hotel, etc.

      Plus there will be a swarm of people who don't have a badge at all, but want to come down just to see the outside events and go to the parties. There's quite a demand for parking as a result.