Back to the Future documentary coming to SDCC

23 APRIL 2015

2015 has been a savory year for nostalgic cinephiles. We'll have a fresh Star Wars movie in theatres (despite Star Wars Celebration, this still doesn't seem real to me) and a gaudy new Jurassic Park movie and even a Mad Max flick. TV shows like X-Files, Twin Peaks and Tales from the Dark Side are also coming back from the grave. But there's another highly anticipated movie date this year: October 2015 is the era visited in the movie Back to the Future.

This is such a big deal that there's going to be a 5-day party in LA this October celebrating the entire movie trilogy - and there's even a Kickstarter-financed documentary, which will be coming to San Diego Comic-Con.

Having never seen the movie, I was a bit surprised to realize it had such a passionate following. Call it a pop culture blind spot. But this article is a fairly interesting read about not only the documentary itself, but the filmmakers' adventures in the process of making it. Maybe once fandom was seen as a passive appreciation of a book or film universe, but today people recognize it as a community and an experience worth chronicling. The documentary has over 50 hours of interviews and footage so far, exploring both the fan and the production side of the film. That's devotion.

The actual quote in terms of SDCC is "We're hoping to hit the film festival circuit. So we'll be doing more appearances like San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con." That suggests the documentary will be screened there as part of the film fest, but it's possible it will have a panel too. Stay tuned.

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