Take this with a grain of salt but...

12 MARCH 2015

Just in time to frazzle our nerves about Hotel Day comes an article from Newsarama on the "comic convention crunch." It's worth a read, as it describes the struggles involved with the rising popularity of Cons everywhere, including the fact that there are 3 three-day Comic Cons this weekend alone: Indiana Comic Con, Wizard World Raleigh, and Planet Comicon.

But the most unnerving part of the article is its commentary on hotel rooms for San Diego Comic-Con. First it throws some love to Travel Planners, whose agents are dubbed as having "the toughest, most thankless job in North America today." Really? That's where the sympathy goes?

Then it slides into this preview that may or may not be accurate:

  • Hotel demand will be higher than ever. (Why? Says who? Same number of attendees are in play, and more of us are doing Airbnb, etc.)
  • Travel Planners has added more hotels and configurations, including suites. I wonder if this means there will be an option marked "I will take any room from the lowliest to the most expensive, just get me in the Hyatt." Probably not.
  • They are currently processing exhibitor requests. Who usually over-book, then let go of some rooms when they're asked to make a deposit. But according to this article, "that artificially high number is higher than EVER for San Diego 2015."

I want to know who said that. Travel Planners? How much higher? And why are exhibitors allowed to book as many rooms as they want? There should be a reasonable limit. But that's the thing with Comic-Con. Celebrities are treated like gold, exhibitors are prioritized next, and then attendees come in dead last.

Early Bird is looking better and better. Some of the hotels have sold out already, but most still have rooms. In the meantime, hope for the best with the hotel sale - but gird yourself for possible disappointment.


  1. "I will take any room from the lowliest to the most expensive, just get me in the Hyatt."

    There is already an option for this. There is a box you can check on the hotel form:

    If the only room(s) available at my specified hotels are at an upgraded/higher
    nightly rate, book my reservation into those room(s). NOTE: Nightly rates can
    be substantially higher than the rates posted above. Checking this box DOES
    NOT guarantee a room at your requested hotel(s).

    I have checked this box every time and have never gotten an upgraded room. Maybe this is my year! ;)

    1. You're right, I remember that box! I thought it went away in the new system.
      I've never been upgraded either.