ComiXology wants to hire you at ECCC

24 MARCH 2015

Yes, really. Behold this glorious press release title: "ComiXology Comes to Emerald City Comicon with Panels, Giveaways and a Hiring Party with Free Drinks!" That's a release written by someone who understands what attendees want.

As you remember, Amazon bought ComiXology a while back, causing curiosity and consternation in equal measures. (Kind of like how ReedPOP bought ECCC, you could say.) And Amazon was born in Seattle, which makes ECCC a natural place to scout for "future ComiXologists." 

The expanding company has nearly 30 open positions in New York and Seattle, so they're doing the natural thing and throwing a party at one of the best comic conventions in the world. Alas, it's open to the public, so you'll be competing with more than just your fellow attendees. But if you go, you get a free t-shirt, free drinks, and the chance to converse with comiXology CEO and co-founder David Steinberger, CTO Jeff DiBartolomeo and staff.


What: ComiXology Hire Me Party

Where: Ninkasi Beer Garden - 1st floor of convention center, under the escalators

When: Saturday, 28 March, 8-11 pm

ComiXology is also having a few panels at ECCC - "Comics: Where to Begin?" on Friday at 2:10 in Hall G and "The Future of Self-Publishing" in Hall E on Saturday at 2:50.  There will also be a "Hire Me!" panel on Sunday in Hall D at 12:30 that's about breaking into the comic book industry. And they'll be passing out t-shirts, free comics and even Kindle Fire tablets to some attendees.

Is it weird to anyone else that Emerald City is just a few days away? I'm printing my boarding pass tomorrow and it still doesn't seem real.

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