Are you celebrating Will Eisner Week?

3 MARCH 2015

Just a reminder that SDCC is teaming up with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund tomorrow in New York. A panel on Will Eisner's life and legacy will be held at The Society of Illustrators Wednesday night at 7 pm. This is part of a larger celebration, Will Eisner Week.

What: The Spirit of Innovation: The Enduring Influence of Will Eisner's The Spirit

Who: John Cassaday, Michael Cho, Charles Kochman and Paul Pope

Date: 4 March

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: The Society of Illustrators - 128 East 63rd at Lexington Ave
Cost: Admission is 10 for CBLDF and Society members and 2014 SDCC attendees if you still have your badge; 7 for seniors and students; 15 for everyone else.

CCI's Toucan blog has a nice article up on Eisner; even if you're not all that enthralled by the comics of yore, it still provides an interesting perspective on how much things have changed.

Will Eisner Week is holding various events all over, so take a look and see if any of them are happening near you.

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