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11 FEBRUARY 2015

                                                                   Emil Nolde

So much SDCC news! Today's may only appeal to a small segment of you, though, and that would be the artistic segment - those of you who want to exhibit your work in the Comic-Con Art Show.

"Work" in this case covers jewelry, sculpture, paintings and drawings and just possibly "even something more unusual" in CCI's words. For that category I'd like to nominate something I was emailed about a few days ago: an intelligent robot built by a 14 year old kid in Sweden. I think the future Ray Kurzweils and Martine Rothblatts of the world should have a place at SDCC. Why not?

The Art Show is upstairs in the Sails Pavilion and features original work by both amateurs and professionals. It also shows the books and comics nominated for the year’s Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. Many (not all) of the pieces will be for sale by silent or voice auction so be sure to swing by and patronize the arts.

The show fills up fast, so don't wait - apply soon. You'll need to insure your work, deal with the appropriate paperwork and obey a hundred guidelines. If you have questions, email or fax coordinator LaFrance Bragg at 619.414.1022, ATTN: LaFrance Bragg, Art Show. Don't forget to address your fax appropriately; you know what a popular communication model faxing is these days. No doubt the CCI office is just inundated and you wouldn't want your question to be lost.

I feel the Art Show is a neglected but beautiful corner of Comic-Con - so once you're dazed from the roar and flash of hours of Hall H footage, consider stopping by the show and enjoying a quieter but still pretty interesting part of the Con.

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