Open Registration will be 21 February

13 FRIDAY 2015

Are you feeling lucky today, on Friday the 13th? I hope so, because CCI has announced Open Registration - and it's going to be a week from tomorrow, 21 February.

Don't freak out because you didn't get an email; none of us did yet. That will come next week. So will more advice from me on how to navigate the badge sale. For now, you can do this:

Review the video for Pre-registration if this is your first badge rodeo. This is NOT for Open Reg but the process will be very similar so it won't hurt to acquaint yourself with it now.

Be sure you have a credit card - doesn't have to be in your name - that can accommodate your badge buying. No Paypal allowed, sorry.

Talk to your friends and work out a game plan for who's buying for who. Obviously bigger groups will have better chances but I've now witnessed first-hand two instances where someone fell through the cracks and now they don't have a badge and their friends do. You can imagine the bitterness. So be very organized.

 If you're enlisting the help of an outsider, like your mom, because you have to work next Saturday morning, you need to put the fear of God into them and stress that this is life or death, you are not kidding, Comic-Con is everything and you will kill them if they fail you.

Not that you'll know if they wander away from the laptop - they'll just tell you your Member ID didn't get picked. So be sure you only pick super reliable people who aren't harboring a secret grudge against you.

I think it's pretty cool that CCI gave us a week's notice - it'll help more people clear their schedules. What else is nice: people don't have to sit out Early Bird because they don't know if they have a badge yet. Unless there is no Early Bird this year, but let's not go there.

Next Saturday, everyone! The season of sales is officially underway.

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