Open Registration emails are going out

19 FEBRUARY 2015

If you haven't gotten yours yet, sit tight. I'm sure you will shortly.

Please note the part where you have to go into your Member ID and retrieve your registration code. I've already spoken to several people who had no idea that was part of the deal this year.  Unlike other years, where you just need your Member ID and last name and follow the link CCI provides, you do need to do a little backend work and get that code out of your profile.

As maniacal as most people are about Open Reg, it wouldn't surprise me if a small portion of potential attendees missed this. You could call it culling the herd, or you could call it "improving everyone else's chances" - either way, I feel morally obligated to make sure people don't miss this step. And of course, there's the other difference this year; the whole shebang kicks off at 8 am PST, not 7 am PST.

If you don't have your email with the link by tomorrow, contact CCI.

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