ECCC Writer's Block

25 FEBRUARY 2015

I'm MIA in San Francisco at the moment but I did want to point out the Writer's Block at ECCC. Official Emerald City programming should be announced in the next few days; in the meantime writers can look at the guests involved and think about who they might like to see.

Writer's Block will offer panels on writing, literary trends, Q&As and book signings. As always, these types of panels at smaller Cons usually allow for better networking, interaction and advice than at huge SDCC creative panels - so don't write these off. And if you're a new or unhatched writer who thinks they're not "ready" for a panel on writing methods, I say balderdash to that - go anyhow. Even if you don't currently have a project going, you can soak in all the advice of the people around you and come away with a more grounded sense of your vocation as a writer.

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