6 months from today, SDCC will be over

13 JANUARY 2015

The new year is barely standing up on its shaky colt legs, yet the pop culture dragon of the summer is already advancing: San Diego Comic-Con 2015 will be over and done with 6 months from today. Doesn't that seem incredible? 6 months from this moment, we'll be broke, tired, energized and slightly stunned, while already plotting ways to score in 2016 Pre-reg.

The means we have 6 months to:

  • live or die in the Open Registration badge sale
  • book a hotel
  • sign up with KiddieCorp
  • lock down a parking spot
  • figure out which outside events we want to buy tickets to
  • get our legs and lungs into decent walking shape
  • prepare all our portfolio and marketing materials
  • finalize our cosplay
  • sign up for the Masquerade, Portfolio Review & Comic Creator Connection
  • plot our game plans for buying exclusives
  • decide which panels are worth the lines
  • actually undergo the fiery crucible that is San Diego Comic-Con

Yeah, it's a lot. Of course, most of us will skip quite a few things on that list, but still: 6 months is not a lot of time. Obviously badge and hotel sales are on CCI's timeline, and hopefully we won't wait too long for those. Ditto the parking sale. But I think once things get underway - the studio announcements, the exclusive previews - it's all going to go very fast this year. Even though Con is only a few weeks ahead of its normal spot.

Comic-Con will be behind us, 6 months from today. It just seems impossible.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it is! I'm very excited for this year, I think because there are so many upcoming movies and shows I'm anticipating. I also think we're going to see some great science content. I just feel in my gut it's going to be a great Con.