The Pre-registration Process


First of all, my usual caveat – the below only applies to people who attended San Diego Comic-Con 2014 as an attendee. If this isn’t you, you should ignore all things pertaining to Pre-registration.

For everyone else – this is going to go a lot like it did last year. (Actually, earlier this year – Pre-reg 2014 was in February.) Hence my using the 2014 video above. If you didn’t participate in that one, it wasn’t terribly different from Open Reg, which I’m assuming you did participate in. Lots of long minutes waiting to be chosen and watching everyone else brag about their Preview Night badges on Twitter. A blue spinning circle. A growing sense of disbelief that you weren’t getting picked. And then – getting picked and buying a badge.

So yes, it will be much like that Saturday. Here’s a refresher:
Sometime in the next few days you'll get an email from CCI with the link to the EPIC waiting room. If you haven't received an email by Friday, email CCI. (And if you didn’t get an email from CCI today telling you about Pre-registration, check your Member ID account and see if you're eligible.)

In the meantime, map out your game plan with your friends. You should have each other's Member IDs and other information. Test your browser with CCI’s handy little gizmo to make sure your browser has JavaScript and cookies enabled.

Saturday, Pre-Registration Day

7 am - 9 am PST: You'll use your Badge ID to get into the EPIC waiting room. You'll do this using a Chrome, IE, Safari or Firefox browser, NOT on a mobile device. You will only use one computer, because if you try to log in on a 2nd device with your Member ID, it'll just cancel out the previous one. According to CCI, it doesn't matter when you get into the waiting room.

Shortly after 9 am PST: Pre-registration will go live. We’ll all be randomly sorted into a line for registration sessions. Don't refresh or you'll go to the back of the line. This can take 10-15 minutes to complete. Watch for a spinning blue circle on the page that indicates your page is still active.

Once/if you're selected, you'll enter the number of people you're buying for, then your name and their names and Member IDs, then go into the badge screen. Check Preview Night, and every box is checked for you. Otherwise, just check the dates you want. You have 15 minutes to complete this phase.

Payment: only American Express, Mastercard or Visa are accepted. No Paypal, no multiple cards.

Quick Links:

Member ID
Instructional Video
CCI's Pre-registration page

I'll post my advice on navigating a successful Pre-reg session tomorrow.

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