More Pre-reg info from CCI


CCI's Toucan blog came out with advice today on Pre-reg. It's worth reading, although a lot of it is the same question with different people involved. ("Can I buy for my husband/friend/give my Badge ID to another Member ID/etc?" NO is the answer to everything.)

What I found most salient: the fact that we will NOT know our place in line. While that was kind of expected, the explanation was interesting. "There is no virtual line. The line was removed when we went to the random selection process. Members are randomly selected in groups from the waiting room for their registration sessions. Not only are you assigned randomly to a group, but those inside the group are sorted at random." Then they go into a cereal metaphor in which we're all Cheerios waiting to be eaten. They don't draw a parallel between soggy left-in-the-bowl cereal and not getting picked/eaten, but I'm sure we're all thinking it.

What else matters - and I'm going to strongly suggest everyone read this directly - is their advice on running multiple browsers. I personally feel separate devices are the way to go, rather than Chrome and Firefox on the same laptop, but I recognize not everyone has that option. So here it is - you can't run multiple tabs of the waiting room in the same browser, but you can use different browsers on the same device. Again - I think it's safer to use different devices.

I feel very detached about Pre-reg being in 2 days, which might mean my badge-mojo is weak and I'll wash out. Or maybe the randomness of it all removes the anxiety. Not sure, but I've noticed people seem pretty calm in general about it. Probably that will all change on Saturday morning.


  1. all i'm hoping is that some people forgot to pre-reg their member id therefore giving us a better a chance, sorry to be selfish ahah

    1. I think some people did for sure - but probably not enough to make a statistical difference.
      We can dream, though.