SDCC professional applications close 31 Oct

3 OCTOBER 2014


If you believe you qualify as a Comic-Con professional, and would like to participate in Professional Badge Registration, you have until Halloween to submit your application and materials
There are 2 categories of qualified professionals.
The Creative Badge: this is for you if you have "an active role in the creation, design, writing, editing or production of comics, animation, films, books, video games or toys."
The Trade Badge: this is for "agents, publicists, managers, executives, marketing, sales, business development, advertising, legal representatives, and other industry professionals who need to attend the convention for business reasons." 
A disclaimer: a lot of times I meet first-timers who assure me they don't have to worry about getting a badge because they qualify as a professional. Not to besmirch anyone's accomplishments but these days you can't swing a stick without hitting someone who publishes their own web comic, or has a self-pubbed novel on Amazon, or did some editing on a game. At least in my world, you can't. So just be aware that this isn't a sure thing. CCI makes a point of saying that "not all applicants who meet the guidelines can be accommodated" - probably because they receive more than 12,000 professional applications every year.

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  1. Any idea on what the chances of qualifying might be? I work in marketing for a big name gaming company and have worked on some comics-based mobile games, but since this is my best shot at actually getting to go to SDCC for once I'm terrified about not yet hearing back. (That'd make me a trade pro, not a creative pro.)

    1. I'd say it depends on how many people from your company applied. Since it's a big name company and you as a marketer could be fairly influential, I'd say your chances are pretty good.