No date for SDCC Pre-reg yet

21 OCTOBER 2014

In these final days before Halloween, every 2014 SDCC attendee is haunted by two questions:

1) When will Pre-registration be?
2) How far in advance will they announce it?

The collective wisdom/speculation of the Internet seems to have selected 15 November as the most likely day. I can kind of see this, because I have 6 events already on that day. There seems to be some bizarre astrological magnet on that Saturday. However - CCI has always marched to their own drummer, so maybe it will fall a week before on 8 November (my second choice) or a week later on the 22nd. (My preferred date.)

I doubt it will happen the Saturday after Thanskgiving, the 29th, or the day after Halloween, 1 November. Forcing us to get up early the morning after Halloween parties or Black Friday seems especially cruel, even for CCI. But we must always factor in the strong possibility that CCI's original target date could be postponed over some kind of internal development snafu. They seem to be using the same lottery system as last year, but there's always room for delays and problems when it comes to a CCI badge sale.

So my overall conclusion is - this is hard to predict accurately, so keep your Saturdays clear. Sorry, I know this wasn't very helpful.

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