ECCC Minion applications are open

27 OCTOBER 2014

If you want to volunteer at Emerald City Comicon, applications are now open.

Given the speed at which badges have been selling (and have sold out in some cases), it's probably smart to move fast on this. No, it's not hypercompetitive like SDCC volunteering is, but it's still a highly popular option. And there have been a lot of people asking about it, which indicates high interest. Also, if you're a high-level Minion, you get an extra free day - not just the day you're working.

Applications are reviewed every 3 weeks, so don't get nervous if you don't hear back right away. Please note that you must be 18 as of the Con (27 March 2015) to qualify.

Good luck.


  1. 3 day passes are about to sell out, as of this morning (Oct. 29).