ECCC passes are over 90% sold out


As they promised, ECCC has kept us updated on the availability of passes - and they just reported that 3-day passes are more than 90% sold out.

If you have your heart set on a 3-day badge and can't come up with the $85 right now, you can still buy individual day passes. You'll end up paying more, but you will be able to attend all 3 days of Emerald City. But I'm guessing that even those single day badges, especially Saturday, will start moving fast once the news hits that 3-day badges are gone.

Last year people were stunned by the news that 3-days sold out in January - so I would imagine there's a fairly large contingent of people who haven't even bothered to think about getting their ECCC badge yet, and so they haven't checked Twitter, Tumblr, etc, to find out how dire the situation is. But since you're not that person, and are a good little attendee on top of your game, you either already have your pass or are borrowing someone's credit card right now, today, to get it. Right?

Next year is going to be so brutal.


  1. Keep in mind that if you *think* you *might* want to go, you should still buy a badge now. ECCC accepts badge refunds, and also condones re-selling of badges. So if you find you can't go later, you will be able to get your money back for your badge. Buy now.

    1. This is especially true for people waiting to see about Minion applications. Just buy now and worry about that later.

  2. ECCC has announced that unlike last year, there will be no official 'badge resale'. They will simply take any refunded badges and put them immediately back up for sale online. So even after 3 day badges have sold out, they recommend periodically checking the site in case a refunded badge shows up.

    It should be noted that the badge refund deadline is December 31, so you won't see any new badges showing up after that date.